Residential Air Duct Repair

Even if you have the type of residential comfort system that makes use of ducts to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your house, you probably do not think about them much. After all, ducts are ducts and you spent way more time and energy deciding what type of furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system to put in. The ducts were simply a part of the package.

But the integrity of the ducts in your house can actually have a huge impact on the ability of your comfort system to effectively cool or heat your Dubuque, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City, Anamosa, Quad Cities area home. If you start noticing a drop off in the quality or effectiveness of your heating or cooling system, there is a good chance your ducts have something to do with it.

Even if you do not notice a change in the performance of your system, there could be leaks or cracks in your ducts that are causing your heating and cooling costs to increase. In order to make sure that you are getting the most possible out of your home heating and cooling systems, call the professionals at PDS of Iowa today to find out more about our duct repair services.


Recognizing Residential Air Duct Problems

The symptoms of an air duct problem are many and varied. In many cases, you are likely to assume that the problem originated with your residential heating and cooling unit itself. And while that is certainly a possibility, your problem could just as easily be originating in your ductwork.

So what types of problems are we talking about? Well, for one thing, if you start to notice that your home comfort system seems to be heating or cooling your house unevenly, it is time to call for repairs. Whether the problem lies in your ducts or with your system itself, you will need a professional to come out and remedy the situation.

Also, a sudden drop off in the overall effectiveness of your home comfort system can indicate that there is something wrong that may very well be related to the state of your ducts. You should also keep an eye on your monthly energy bill to see if you notice a sudden increase in the cost of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature. If you do, it may be time to call in a duct repair person to take a look at your ducts.

Regardless of what you think the problem is, it’s important that you call for professional service right away. Letting issues like this persist will only lead to more problems down the line, potentially costing you even more later on.


Air Duct Repair Improves Efficiency

Also, making sure that your ducts are in good working order will make it easier for your home comfort system to heat and cool your house effectively. This will lead to lower energy bills and a greater return on your investment overall.


Residential Air Duct Repair Experts

Our technicians have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to find and repair any cracks or defects in your duct system. If you live in the Dubuque, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Coralville, Iowa City, Anamosa, Quad Cities metropolitan areas, call PDS of Iowa today to learn out more about our duct repair services and to find out what we might be able to do for you.